9 Gym Exercises For Golfers To Have Better Swings


This is a very important and core supplemental gym exercise when playing golf because the strengthening of muscles will help increase power in your shots. 

The plank exercise is moderately easy to do every day, you just need to straighten your body and put your hands on the floor, bend down and lift your body up. 

These movements will help the abdomen, back and buttocks increase endurance, the muscles are toned to the fullest extent, and increase the strength in the shoulders, hands, and arms.

In addition, increasing regular exercise also helps prevent wrist injuries. One of the most dangerous injuries for golfers.

Lunge exercises

This is a leg slack exercise that is intended to tighten important muscles to help players have the best swing. You only need to do 15-20 reps per leg to achieve the best effect as desired. You need to remember the following:

  • Choose a flat position and have a long surface.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, coming to the front leg.

  • Stop when the knee is fully flexed.

  • Push your body forward, repeat the movement and switch the slack leg to the left leg. The body remains upright and hip-width apart.

  • Bend the knee in front of the left leg, repeating the movement full length. Rest for a few minutes before repeating the cycle above, combining the arm lifts and knee crunches to increase length.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press exercise

Working the shoulder muscles can help prevent muscle pain, one of the most common injuries. 

Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times. This exercise affects not only the shoulders but also the buttocks and back which is very beneficial for golfers.

  • Sit on a chair with back support, hold the dumbbells slightly in both hands, then lift the dumbbells upright on your thighs.

  • Lift the dumbbells to shoulder height one at a time and using your thighs to support your arms lift the weights up to this position.

  • Rotate the wrist so that the palm is facing forward

  • Then exhale and push yourself upwards, raising your arms all the way

  • Pause briefly at the top position and slowly lower to the starting position and inhale.

  • Repeat until the required number of times is done.

Elbow Extension exercise

Golfers often experience elbow dislocation when making golf swings. To prevent this situation, golfers should regularly practice this exercise later by holding light weights extended in front of them with palms facing up, then crossed arms and raised to shoulders. After getting used to it, you can gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells. Do it regularly and repeat about 15 times.

Standing Hip Extension exercise

The following simple exercise helps to stretch the glutes, expanding the hips to help maintain a good shot. You stand behind a chair for balance, stand straight with your feet about 15cm away from the chair. Put weight on the right leg and then stretch the left leg back, raise, and lower. Do the same with the other leg, lift each leg 10 to 20 times and hold the leg up for a few seconds before lowering.

Yoga Exercises

It's not exactly a normal exercise but becomes permanently good to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve focus. Please see the instructions below to apply for new players:

  • Exercise 1: You start from the center and hips, lying on the knees and shoulders above the wrists.

  • Exercise 2: You put one leg straight out to the side with the toes, then bring the big toe down to the flat surface.

  • Exercise 3: You exhale evenly when sitting down, hips resting on heels. As the body pushes forward, breathe in steadily. Make sure the rotation is in the hips, back, ankles. Repeat the movement 5 times on each side with regular breathing.

  • Exercise 4: You lie on your back, placing your elbows and arms under your shoulders. Exhale as you slide your arms down to your belly moving more shoulders and waist. This move will help you activate the back muscles, which are essential in the spinal position. Try to hold this pose for the 3 longest and deepest breaths, rest to regain strength, and repeat the movement 3 more times.

  • Exercise 5: As an advanced option, you can hold a golf club and reach over the club in rotation to open your shoulders and chest.

Glute Bridge Exercise

The Glute Bridge exercise that will add strength to your swing is as simple as lying on your back with your hands at your sides, knees bent, and your butt up to the ceiling.

Medicine Ball Rotational Throw

This move mimics a golf swing as you rotate your torso in one direction before swinging it to the other and throwing the ball at the same time. 

You should do this near a wall so that the ball bounces back and works continuously. Repeat 10-15 times on each side.

Side Lunge Exercise

This side lunge exercise improves balance and builds strength throughout the leg including the inner and outer thighs. Stand with knees slightly bent, hands on hips, head up and look straight ahead and step to the side with one foot. Then pull back and do the same with the other leg. 

Do 10-15 reps per leg for best results.