Best Golf Stand Bags Of 2021: Best New Options For Men & Women

Symbolically, the first people to play golf were shepherds who threw stones at fields and rabbit holes. Using only one club, which was probably just a stick, means they do not need a bag.

But you can take 14 clubs, so a golf bag is very important. Also, when you play golf you have more than your clubs. This will help if you have golf balls, tea, and a car key holder, such as a laser range finder, a rain, and jewelry jacket, and a wallet. Be A few days, you can bring an umbrella or maybe even a Bluetooth speaker.

Golf bags are one of the four types after you think about what you normally play with, and finding your ideal golf bag is easy.

If you have never played or walked, then you do not need to think about the weight of the bag and you can enjoy the luxury of something big. Staff bags used by PGA Tour and LPGA athletes are the largest, but the shopping bag is more thoughtful and cheaper. The stroller bag has many pockets, protects its batons, and fits securely on the back of the golf cart.

If you prefer to walk and only occasionally drive, a stand bag is usually the way to go. These bags are lighter than stroller bags and offer traction on the legs that can keep the bag upright. The stand bag has a water bottle pocket and now comes mostly with a strap system that allows you to carry the bag as a bag, which puts less pressure on your body and makes it more comfortable.

An increasing number of players enjoy minimal versions of golf, eliminating extra equipment. They walk exclusively and do not occupy much except clubs and balls. Legal carrying bags are a viable option for this type of player, and they have a return style that can state what works.

After all, Sunday bags are usually the smallest and lightest bags, but they are usually not big enough to carry 14 clubs. Golfers can easily go in the range they want or prefer the weekly bag feature on course Monday 3, but this is usually the player's second (or third) bag.

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New golf bags for 2021

BagBoy Revolver XP cart bag

This isn't the first swivel bag with 14 separate compartments to store your clubs, but thanks to the 360-degree rotating gesture, the Revolver XP makes it easier than ever to catch your desired club. The space-grabbing approach also keeps your clubs safe. The bag has nine pockets, including a hydration pocket, and wool-lined gadget pocket and an outer tube to hold a large grip.

BagBoy Revolver XP cart bag price: $269.95

Callaway Hyperlite Zero stand bag

Weighing in at less than 3kg, the Hyperlite lives up to its name and is a lightweight blackway stand bag. To help you lose weight, Cal, Callaway has given Hyperlight Zero Carbon Fiber Legs and seven pockets to fit all of your equipment, including a cell phone pocket and five splits first.

Callaway Hyperlite Zero stand bag price: $229.99

Ogio Fuse stand bag

Using solid 210D ripstop polyester, the fuse has a fitted disc belt system that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Although it can be used on the stroller, pedestrians will love the small features like velcro glove screws, towel loop, and open insulation water bottle pockets. There is even a large cloth pocket to hold a rain suit. It weighs 4.82 pounds.

Ogio Fuse stand bag price: $199.99

Orca Apex Signature Hybrid

With eight dividers at the top and 11 zipper pockets, the Apex can easily lift all your gear and looks like a standard stroller bag. However, after separating the hidden compartment, a pair of carbon fiber legs is reduced and the apex becomes a standing bag. The bag weighs 9.2 pounds.

Orca Apex Signature Hybrid price: $495

Original Jones Lancer T carry bag

New school design with a new school touch, the Lancer retains the shape and style of the original Jones, but instead of leather, the bag is made of vinyl. This makes it lighter, easier to clean, and stays dry better. The extra-wide shoulder strap helps lighten the load for greater comfort.

Original Jones Lancer T carry bag price: $170

Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag

Weighing only 5, the Hoffer Lite allows players to easily carry it with one or two straps. The top four distributors make it easier to access and organize clubs, while the bag strap made in the bag facilitates driving safety. Seven pockets, including an insulated hydration pocket and a zip pocket, hold everything in place.

Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag price: $210

Srixon Ultra Light stand bag

This stand bag will check all the boxes for golfers who want to bring the most important things without adding extra weight. The six-piece top makes it easy to organize your clubs, while five pockets, including an insulated cooling pocket, keep everything in place. In the long run, they will appreciate carbon fiber legs and mesh hip protectors. It weighs 3.48 pounds.