How Green Is Your Golf: 3 Ways To Be More Sustainable

Playing on a golf course rich in flora and fauna in order to elevate a golfer's experience is the top criterion for players in deciding which club to play at, this is the reason why golf course owners always want to create the most beautiful, serene, and luscious landscapes to attract golfers come to their golf course. 

However, if you care about the golf course in the wrong way, golf courses may have many negative impacts on the environment which will result in the loss of its natural beauty in the future. From the building of the course to the system of water used to maintain the greens, the use of pesticides to care for grass and the impact that golf facilities can have on the environment is substantial.

Recognizing the negative impacts that golf courses can have on native environments, we need to answer some common questions: How to improve the quality of habitat provided by golf courses? How to help to enhance the relationship between our golf courses and the natural ecosystems of a region? How to change the management practices of golf courses to make them more eco-friendly than now? How to make your golf more sustainable?

We give you the good news that it’s possible to minimize the negative impacts your golf courses affect on the environment with some methods. In this post, we list the best tips for creating an eco-friendly golf course. 

Why is Maintaining Sustainability in Golf Course is important?

A perfect golf course is necessary to take care of and make it more and more natural through manicured, watering and chemical treatments.

But now, there are many common golf course maintenance practices. The target of sustainable golf course management is to own and manage dry, firm and playable fairways and greens where there are grasses and plants that require the least chemicals, fertilizer and water for maintenance. Maintaining golf course sustainability can reduce waste and minimize the risk of polluting the environment.

How Green Is Your Golf: 3 Ways To Be More Sustainable

#1. Plant native flowers and remove invasive species and planting native grasses

  • Plant native flowers in garden of your golf course

You can choose to plant any native flowers in your area such as tulips! Start replacing non-native species and planning to plant native flowering plants on your golf course.

  • Remove invasive species and planting native grasses

Most of the golf courses often own forested thickets with ornamental tree species and areas where invasive species have established. 

You should plant shrubbery among trees to enhance the structural diversity of vegetated areas  which enhances the number of species.

#2: Choose eco-friendly golf balls and golf tees

Golf balls and golf tees are two items impossible to lack when playing golf. There are a lot of types of golf balls and tees on the market. You need to make sure that these golf balls do not do any harm to the environment. 

So, you need to choose the golf ball and tees have some Eco-friendly features:

– Biodegradable & made out of ecological materials.

– Be safe for all marine flora and fauna.

You can choose bamboo golf tees or sustainable golf tees and stop using plastic right now, this will save our planet. 

You should use golf balls or golf tees made from 100% bamboo from sustainable sources. All the ink on the tees is fully biodegradable. Golf tees by bamboo are completely natural.

Example: Bamboo Golf Tees sold on TheBiggerBall.

#3: Don't need to do golf travel usually and reduce distance

You should not book Long-distance flights to play golf in distance because long-distance flight is one of the most harmful things we do to our planet.

You should also reduce the frequency of golf trips. 


One of the heart of golf is environmental and social stewardship. Great golf courses provide beauty, trees, plants and a green space to towns or cities.

Now is  the time for golf course owners to conserve water, avoid pollution and keep a minimal carbon footprint. This will help make our planet more fresh.

In Conclusion

In the post, we give the most efficient methods for sustainable golf tees but as a consumer can do to reduce environmental impact. However, there are still a lot of things that golf course owners can do to take better care of the planet.