How To Play Golf Like A Pro?

Golfing is something everyone aims to be good at and even dreams about. Often, this remains a dream. However, you can learn to play golf easily, consistent practice, and the willpower not to give up and stay resilient. Sometimes, the going gets tough, but if you feel like you have a natural talent for it, nothing can stop you with the right amount of practice.

This article will show you how to play golf for beginners:

Aim Away from the Trouble

Avoiding lakes while on the golf course is so important while ensuring you can get a shot. Whenever you tee off on a hole with a hazard or OB on either side of the fairway, always tee the ball up on the side the trouble is on. If you tee the ball from the far left of the tee box, you can aim right and away from the trouble. This way, your back is facing the trouble, and you will thereby be eliminating it. You will also be able to make a more aggressive swing, which is what best tour players do.

Hover Your Practice Swings

Most amateurs slice their driver, but only a few tour players do. In contrast, pros swing their club on a flatter plan that squares the club at impact. There are two reasons slicing can occur. One is due to a steep downswing that leads to an outside-in impact. Two, it could occur due to an open face at impact.

To improve the slice, you should try rehearsing your swing on a very flat swing plane. One way to do so would be to hover the clubhead about a foot off the ground, giving it more arm rotation as it makes the impact. It will also generate a more clubface rotation. Do this enough, and the face will square at impact and allow for a straighter drive.

Keep Your Lower Body Still

Always keep in mind to avoid injuries when playing golf. When you are faced with a shot from the fairway bunker, it is necessary to keep your lower body as still as possible. If you move too much, it could result in a disastrous swing. The best way to ensure you don't move is to picture yourself trapped in a barrel. This way, you should not let your right side bump into the barrel during your backswing and also ensure that your left side does not touch it on the followthrough. It's best to keep your lower body movements to a minimum by keeping it solid and planted. Following golf instruction for beginners is one way of ensuring this doesn’t happen to you.

how to play golf as a professional

Measure Twice, Cut Once

It is always wise to measure everything twice, to be sure, and then make the cut. It is important to assess what you have and then choose a club based on these factors. After that, the only thing left to do is hone in on the target before pulling the trigger or, in this case, taking a swing.

Control Your Pitch Shot Trajectory

By altering how much the shaft leans on address, you can control how high your pitch shots fly, and ultimately how far the ball will roll after it hits the green. It may sound tricky, but that is how to play golf basics. First, you will need to select a 56_¡ sand wedge. Depending upon the toss you would like to achieve, you will have to adjust the shaft. Leaning the shaft slightly back is the best way to go for a high toss. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the shaft should always point to the center of your body, so if you have to shift towards the left for a low toss and towards the right for a high toss.

The position of the ball is dictated by how you stand to the handle, i.e., the more you lean toward the left, the farther back in your stance it will be and vice versa. It is best to keep your lower body passive during the backswing and to assemble your hands with a predominate arm swing.

Practice with a Purpose

Most Golf pros don't just claim to be at practice or fool around during practice. They practice with a purpose, and consistency is key. There are many pros who take hole-sized rubber Frisbees that they place anywhere on the green and put a put or chip too. It is important to dedicate time and effort towards perfecting your stance and swing, and the results will pay off.

Make a Real-time Practice Stroke

The most important thing about golfing like a pro is putt speed. Average golfers find it extremely hard to control their putts' speed. In that case, it is better to consider making real-time practice strokes. Taking those one or two practice shots and holding it at the finish position for the time it would take your ball to arrive at the hole gives you great control and time to practice and master your stroke. Five-footers will only take three seconds, but fifty-footers would take longer. These real-time practice strokes program your brain to get a sense of the right speed and eliminate unwanted 3-putts.

Learning all the golf 101 for beginners' rules is important, and the first step to becoming a pro. The above seven tips will make you a better golfer.