Polish American Golf Club Chicago: Is Its Golf Membership Worth It?

For anyone who plays golf regularly, joining a golf membership is definitely a perfect way to be a better golfer and reach your goal. And if you're looking for the best golf club where you can meet people with similar interests, participate in competitive tournaments, and events as well as have more chances to access the best golf courses in the world, Polish American Golf Club Chicago (PAGC Chicago) is a perfect choice. 

Now, let's take a look at the comprehensive review of Polish American Golf Club Chicago to determine whether its golf membership is worth it! 

About Polish American Golf Club Chicago (PAGC Chicago)

Polish American Golf Club Chicago is a non-profit organization of golf enthusiasts of Polish origin. PAGC Golf Club Chicago is formed to unite golfers to participate in golf tournaments, and golf events, in order to promote friendship and camaraderie among golfers of Polish heritage. 

All golf lovers with good moral standings are welcome to become a member of the Polish American Golf Club Chicago. 

Some members of PAGC Golf Chicago

Kwiatkowski Mariusz:  President of PAGC 

Kobylarczyk Zbigniew: Club VP Secretary 

Kieta Adam: Honorary Club President 

Placek Krzysztof: Club V-President 

Homenda Bartlomiej: 2022-23 Club Champion in Nett

Szostak Marcin:  2022-23 Club Champion

PAGC Golf has achieved special awards and considerable achievements for spreading and promoting Polish golf in America. 

PAGC Tournaments 2022

Pagcgolf Tournaments

PAGC Chicago organizes many PAGC tournaments, making it easier for golf players to take part in them from April to November. 

Here is the 2022 PAGC Chicago Tour by POLAMER schedule of Tournaments:

April 8:  PAGC Spring Classic

April 22:  PACC  4 Men scramble charity Tournament.

May 6:  Podhale Spring Opening Day Tournament

May 13:   BAR International Open

May 21-22:  Michigan Open  , Farmington Hills Michigan

June 3:  Chicago Pol-Am Open

June 10:  Handzel Open

July 8:   Memorial Tournament

July 22: ZIMA Open

August 12:  Best Friends Open    (Krzysztof Molski)

August 19:  NCIB Open

August 27:  3 rd Annual Golf na Obcasach charity Tournament

September 9:  PAGC President Cup

September 11:  PAGC vs Podhale annual match

September 16:  PAGC Championship

September 23:  Tour Championship

December 4 – 1:1 PAGC Open in Orlando Florida

PAGC Golf Club Chicago will abide by the Polamer rules and regulations in organizing tournaments. 

Tournaments fees:

Competitors: $150.00 yearly(or  $30.00 for each tournament)

PAGC members: $100.00 

Notable benefits of joining a PAGC Golf Membership

Join a golf membership of PAGC Chicago

Being a member of PAGC Golf Club Chicago brings you a lot of benefits. 

Meet new friends with a similar passion

Joining a golf membership allows you to experience more of golf, meet new people who have the same passion as you, play more practice rounds, share experiences, and from that, improve your golf game. 

Play tournaments

As a member of PAGC Golf Club Chicago, you will be able to join tournaments to make new friends, improve your handicap, and win prizes. You can play with other clubs. 

To play tournaments, you need to register on Pagcgolf.com website. 

Register Turnaments Registration here. 

Participate in membership events, clinics, competitions

Golf membership of PAGC offers you access to membership events, clinics, and competitions throughout the season with the deepest discounts. You will have fun and rest, and become a better golfer. 

Play as many rounds as you want

Another notable benefit of being a member of PAGC Golf is that you can play as many rounds as you want. All are included in your annual fees. You have also more chances to access the best golf course at all times. 

How to become a member of PAGC Golf Chicago?

If you're interested in becoming a member of PAGC Golf, you just need to submit your personal information (name, email, telephone, address,...) through the New Members Application. Polish American Golf Club Chicago will check, evaluate and consider approving you as a member. 

Conclusion: Is PAGC Golf Membership worth it?

Sure, joining a golf membership of PAGC Golf Chicago is definitely worth it. You'll have fun, and relax time while improving your golf game. 

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