The Facts About Golf That You Should Know 2021

Are you also a keen golf player, and everything ranging from equipment to strokes and history intrigues you? Then you are at the right place. This guide will let you dive into the insights about golf facts that are rare to know, that you should know a golf lover

Golf was banned

Once golf was considered a rebellious sport. Golf was banned not once but thrice in the province of Scotland from 1457 and 1744. This was because the government of Scotland believed it was interfering with military training in the province.

In the early days, golfers would golf publicly wherever they found free lands, such as the empty streets or business properties. This was considered to create a nuisance.

The term “Birdie” 

The term “birdie” was coined accidentally by Ab Smith. This happened when he accidentally hit a “bird of a shot” in the year 1889.

Golf on Moon?

golf on moon- interesting about golf

Golf was the only sport that was once played on the moon. Sir Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. used a 6-iron to play golf on the moon during his journey there. This is a rare fact about golf that people know and golf. It was a very proud moment for the history of golf. 

Golf was invented in Scotland

The people who supposedly banned golf were only the ones who tended to create it a renowned sport. They invented golf in the year 1457. The game's history suggests that it was created during the high Middle Ages. Even though golf was played publicly at first, people started to create brand new golf courses and clubs. 

The legend Tiger Woods

The legend Tiger Woods - interesting fact about golf

Tiger Woods, the famous golfer, was keen on golf at only six months old, and his father taught him golf while he was only two years old. He regularly practiced golf with his father and made his first goal hole-in-one at eight years of age.

The famous Tigerwood has won 81 PGA tournaments to date. However, these numbers have been challenged rigorously. Sam Snead has won 82 tournaments. Jack Nicklaus has won 73 wins. However, Nicklaus lies ahead by winning 18 majors, whereas Wood has only won 15 majors to date

The longest putt

The longest putt was a mind-blowing of about 375 feet.

Most golfers will never have a handicap under 18

Most professional golfers are at the handicap level of 4 and 6, which is what they have before entering the professional scores. Reluctantly, not all golfers are gifted. The majority of golfers cannot play at a handicap level under 18.

This doesn't mean you are a bad golfer. Most golfers are passionate hobby players, and To get your score below 18 is only possible when you are serious about playing and practicing daily. 

The first round of women’s golf was played in 1811

Sports have a history of misogyny. Golf is rather not an exception. The history repeats, and that is what happened in golf. The first round of women's golf was played after four hundred years of sport being created.

This first round was played in Musselburgh, Scotland, In 1867.

Golf balls were originally made of feathers and leather

Can you imagine hitting a leather ball across a golf field?  During the past times of golf, the golf balls were made of leather wrapped in feathers.

People would wet the feathers and tightly wrap them around the leather. This helped the feathers to dry around the leather. This was an immense meticulous, and time-consuming process. Also, it didn't create the most reliable golf ball to play tournaments

The highest golf course

The highest golf course in the world at 14.335 feet (4.3km) above sea level. It is the Tactu Golf Club located in Morococha, Peru.

Celebrity who loves golf

Among the many celebrities who play golf, Samuel Jackson has to be mentioned – he has a special clause in all of his movie deals, which is to play golf twice a week. In addition, Samuel is also very busy taking care of his snakes.

The term “tee”

There was no such thing as a "tee" in golf before. Golfers often build a small high sand dune to serve as a tee. It was not until the 20s when the tee function was invented that it was widely used.

Babe Zaharias

Babe Zaharias - interesting fact about golf

Babe Zaharias was the first female golfer to cross the cut at the PGA TOUR event in 1945. She hit 76 and 81 in the first two rounds of the Los Angeles Open.

Golf course during war

Augusta National Golf Club, which is one of the most famous golf courses in the world, was closed for 3 years due to World War II. The golf course at that time was turned into a cattle and poultry farm to serve the war.

The oldest golf course

People often mistake St Andrew's course in Scotland as the oldest golf course in the world. But according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest course is Musselburgh Links, established in 1672. But another evidence indicates that Queen Mary of Scotland has been playing golf here since 1567.